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With close to a 100 years of experience in the service industry we know our customers and their needs. That is why we offer personalization and authenticity that you won’t find with a large, publicly owned uniform supply company.

Do I really benefit by renting?

Yes. A detailed comparison of uniform rental service versus purchasing uniforms outright. will be sent to you upon request.

Should I rent or purchase the uniforms?

Rental versus Purchase uniforms.  With rental service there is no initial cash outlay.  Built into the rental service agreement is a weekly pick-up and delivery of the uniforms for cleaning, and the replacement of uniforms as needed for exchange of size.  Garments such as winter jackets and parkas are purchased outright since they do not need cleaning every week and are only worn seasonally.

What about employee turnover, will it cost me more to outfit a replacement?

Every company has employee turnover. There are no additional charges for replacements with our uniform rental service program.

Who will measure my employees if I rent?

Your W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc. sales representative will measure your employees, to assure you that each uniform has the proper fit. This service is both free and convenient.

Will it cost me more money if an employee changes size and requires a replacement or alteration?

We understand that a person’s uniform size can change during the course of a few years. We will gladly alter or exchange those uniforms for the size you need at no additional cost.

Will it cost me more to have ID tags on the uniforms for easy identification?

We put ID tags on all your rented uniforms at no additional cost.