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Because the Doorman Doesn’t Iron


A whiff of fresh laundry, the whir of a conveyor belt and a vista of identical
blue pants and shirts — tumbling in industrial dryers,
piled in canvas carts and wrapped in plastic on hangers — greet a visitor to
W. H. Christian & Sons in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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old truck

Image via A Continuous Lean

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Ads on Wheels: The Dry-Cleaning Van Straight Out of Mad Men

Menswear blog A Continuous Lean calls the W.H. Christian and Sons dry-cleaning
van "the best looking delivery truck in NYC," and we're not sure we disagree.
The bold, all-caps typeface and the hunter green background seem like a nod to the kind
of retro all-American look promoted by Don Draper and associates and embraced
by Freemans Sporting Club and Steven Alan (and now the J.Crew men's store.) Of course,
there's a twist: W.H. Christian's van looks old-fashioned because it's actually old.
The Greenpoint company was founded in 1924, and the vans have had the same design since at least 1949.

· The Best Looking Delivery Truck in NYC [ACL]





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Above Franklin Street, a Sign is Reborn

Dmitry “Mitch” Pankov and Collin Scotese of Overall Murals painted a new sign for W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc.



  • W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc. Copyright ©2021
  • 22 - 28 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY, 11222
  • Telephone: 718.389.7000
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