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WHC is Going Green

Green is our Company's favorite color evidenced by our route trucks and employee uniforms. As a result, the decisions to run a greener and more sustainable operation was an easy one and today we are more efficient, more responsible, and safer then ever.

Here are some recent changes that our Company has achieved in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to improve our overall operation:

Gone Organic:

* Replaced dry-cleaning equipment with new, modernized organic cleaning machines.

* Converted to eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Reused Key Materials:

* Reusing 80% of garment hangers in circulation at all client locations.

* Partnered with a local scrap metal company to ensure non-usable materials don't end up in landfills.

* Sell or rent garments that are produced from certified 100% Post Consumer Recycled Perfomance
Polyester which means the fiber is made from actual recycled plastic bottles.  Recycled fibers create
71% fewer carbon emissions and one shirt removes eight 2-liter plastic bottles from going to the landfill.

Reduced Energy Consumption:

* Replaced industrial laundry equipment with new, energy efficient machines.

* Switched to a 100% green energy supplier reducing our carbon footprint by 150,000 lbs of CO2 annually,
(equivalent to a car driving 167,000 miles a year).

* Reduced drying cycles by 15%.

* Installed green certified energy efficient hand dryers in all facilities to reduce paper waste.

* Upgraded facilities with new, energy efficient HVAC equipment.

* Upgraded facilities with new windows made with the world's first and most advanced triple-silver solar control
low e glass for optimum energy efficiency. 

* Implemented an E-Billing system so that all of our clients have the option to receive paperless invoices.

* Replaces the oil burning hot water boilers with new, energy efficient equipment that utilize natural gas.

* Partnered with National Grid to install a natural gas line to one of our plant facilities.

Our deep commitment to green and sustainable practices will only continue to grow and benefit our operations, our
clients, our community and, of course, the environment.


 "Our Company is committed to running an environmentally friendly
and energy efficient operation.  As a result, we received this certificate
as recognition for our decision to utilize 100% green energy
suppliers for our electrical needs."


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